The reality is a collective hallucination,

so look for mistakes.

Stanley Stanek

Types of people in IT, for portfolio.

It could be seemed that the creative work is giving freedom, satisfaction, purpose of life… yhy, if it is possible to call the purpose the act of planing mass murder because of professional frustration, so yes, it is this way, always it is some purpose 🙂

Stanley Stanek

7 lean years.

Attention! Personal reflection – so much I would like to turn back the time and to hit myself into the snout, since the road which I just went up is requiring, treacherous and full of townies hidden in the bushes with baseballs.

Stanley Stanek

Why? because so.

At the beginning each one of us is callow, ambitious, searching for challenges, which  will carefully groom our exaggerated ego  – and… fucking shit, wall called REALITY.