Stanley Stanek

7 lean years.

Study son, study, you will be rich – bullshit! You will be an old fart on services of the corporation which wants, desire that you just think so. Of course through “learning” I mean here learning (cramming) by heart texts, definitions, patterns, which a). at once they will be forgotten b) this knowledge won’t be useful to you for anything, watch the infinitesimal calculus.
After the secondary school we are just a group of averagely educated idiots taught 8 h of sitting around and chasing own tails… perfect employees. The college will only give supplementary education to us for the proper post.

Scheme to get up > to work > to sleep (repeat) constantly current, those of you that are more resourceful can consume something on the way and then on the bog play Candy Crash Saga.
Only on the first year of very but of fucking very boring studies (Finances and Accounting), it reached me, that this road is not for me.

Okay I will become a businessman! I am giving up school, (time for) whores, coke lamborghini – it is definitely a life for me!

Attention! Personal reflection – so much I would like to turn back the time and to hit myself into the snout, since the road which I just went up is requiring, treacherous and full of townies hidden in the bushes with baseballs. A humility, a concentration, the drawing of inferences and immediate reactions are an absolute base… but mister I only wished lambo!

With some miracle I didn’t run away crying and I kept up the momentum. For the first time in my life I felt the strange emotion, there is nobody who is showing the direction, who is saying what you are supposed to do, suddenly the entire responsibility lies on your side and you can go where you really want. Of course at first I toured all these places “where they are beating” what resulted with huge financial and psychological problems, yeah but in the end what isn’t killing (you) is strengthening. As a friend of mine said “Stanley what you fuck it’s yours”.

Summing up last 7 years,  I can definitely state that these were lean years, but the bruises are mine, next seven years will be as fat as arses of Kardashians’.


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