Stanley Stanek


Somebody persuaded us that a mayonnaise goes well with eggs, I am impressed by a power of persuasion from this message.


7 years and enormous amount of interesting projects, but continuously drawing hot dogs amuses me the most.


4 years of experience in conducting programming projects without the nervous breakdown.


Order must be, only one right way from the idea to the implementation, which I am personally fan of.

Nothing I cannot do

2009 – 2012 Beginnings are difficult and everything goes like blood from the nose (in extreme cases like blood from the ass – and it’s already very bad). Back then I managed to launch my first micro advertising agency.

Already I can do something

2012 -2015 The avalanche of graphic projects, programming plans, I hire specialists, gigabucks flow, I learn from the best (glory and praise). However ambition is itching and the gold muzzle begins to irritate..

I can do everything!

2016 – … watch me..