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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, your project died. About the transition period between production and promotion. Part I.

When you wake up in the middle of the night, when you sit on the toilet, or when you run on a meadow and you cool your bare feet on the cold soil – not important. Important is the fact that you hit upon a (you think) brilliant idea! Your brains starts to excrete endorphins, the level of adrenaline peaks, and if you were to compare this mental proces to an erection, you could describe it as „crumbling concret with your penis”. All that means that in a short while you will get down to work. It will cost you a few packs of cigarettes and a few sleepless nights. A longer while passes and you know you’ve got it. The challenge is defeated, knocked to the ground and you feel proud and the sun is shining out of your ass.

(We assume, obviously, that it is an IT project – personally I don’t think there are any other projects than IT, are there? Where am I going with my life? What is the Universe? – ok, I’m back here with you).

The first step is to visualize the project. You find a talented graphic designer and you prepare a brief for him. You write. Then you write and write. You smoke. You write. But the project is not knocked to the ground yet. It stands up, it puts its guard up and attacks (read: you will be punched in your face, you will be punch so badly in your face). There is a short exchange of hits and you finally herd it into a corner. With battered face, but relieved you send the brief to the designer, who ensures you that everything is clear. After two weeks you receive a ready project, which is crap (factors of shitness are multiple and it is best to blame others for them 😉 ) and then you repeat the joy of writing (corrections this time), smoking and exchanging hits. You redo the proces all the way (on average about 4-5 times, if you’re lucky).

When finally the day of glory arrives (the day when you are satisfied with all the designs) and with tears in your eyes, barely muting the sobbing, you head to the programmer. Now the fun starts – those who’ve been there know the crack. Working with the graphic designer can be compared to the morning breeze you feel on your freshly shaved face, but working with programmers, well, you may as well crucify yourself. The problem is that no matter how detailed your plan is, it is still not as good as the programmer expects you to prepare. Programming is a painstaking labour with millions of variables and unknowns. Don’t expect miracles- first version of your ideas will be leaky. And systems evolve endlessly. The trick is to be able to work on the system that is not bulletproof yet.

Next thing: you launched your product, which means it is more or less ready (in about 85%). Everything is online, on the right domain and server, your apps are available on Google Play and on App Store and.. and.. a fuck-up. The donkey work you went through in order to implement your idea is a piece of cake comparing to the process of marketing you will have to undergo. That’s the moment when you start crying because you realize that you did only 10% of work. It is a black hole, the depression that you suffer between the implementation and promotion is the launching point of every project and it depends only on you if the total balance will be positive or negative.


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