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The mistake of system #1 (Devilish frolics)

Contract of employment, job, safety, payment once a month, permitting comfortable, not very conscious and still less engaging existence. The fondest dream of the entire generations, family is bursting with pride, level of screwing – over 9000 ( We are working 40 h during a week, 160 h in one month and about 1920 h annually, and after the subtracting the time for dreaming it comes out that over the 50% of our life we are at work! (obscene word, on F and ending at K, small hint {fuck}). We are giving the half of oneself back, but do we know what for and why? And the most important, do we know to whom we are giving our time?…
SATAN? Is that you? Did you set a schedule for me today?

After this soul revitalizing and triggering the existential barf introduction, we are offering the other cheek and everyone together, cheerfully set handcuffs right. The system of fastening (in handcuffs) is very clever and thought over. Anaesthetizing is given, and a backbone is breaking practically painlessly. Begins already at school, where through 8h you must sit and listen people that assert that they are knowledgeable, but damn you do not know on what, in the end they are also not sure (sounds familiar?). It lasts about 12 – 15 years, closer to the solution, the propaganda of the work on the job position is more and more omnipresent. You breathe her at every step, you see her every day, delicately you begin to understand that you are not quite such temperamental bull because there are more temperamental and the illusion of shortage of alternative finally squashes and wins.

Fortunately no system is ideal, but each stick has two ends. It is enough, that appropriately quickly we will realize that “that’s fucking shit”. The first and most self-evident mistake of system visible from the first sight is the possibility of founding of own economic activity (yes, go in the direction of the light at the end of the tunnel, at the end there is a pretty man standing and he will give you a kiss). Why work for someone and for someone if you can work yourself and for yourself? Seems then banally simple and obvious. However, in the world where institutions of higher learning, at least carrying the name ECONOMIC, teach how well to be droid, but not how to earn gigabucks on own ideas, this evidence loses its charm.

The decision to establish own company isn’t simple, but it’s a step necessary to notice more mistakes and cleverly to use them. Of course how already I wrote earlier, we are certainly facing scoff down, but muzzle not a glass, won’t break.


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