Stanley Stanek

The most irritating human kind.

I have to write about it, because on my every step, on every occasion, I always meet people, who by all means want to “advise” me in my projects / business.

There would have been nothing wrong with it. Quite the opposite. It would have been warmly welcomed if those advices were given by people experienced in certain area and not from people of “I’ve read „Steve Jobs” and I am the imperator of innovation, bitch!” kind.

As a warning:

What sort is young calf? Naive.

What is the young calf doing? Listens all around, only not these that necessary. (it’s really 100 times better to listen to nobody and to be a jug)
This way it usually works that the most to say have the ones that know least. By the way they are very certain about what they are saying, because they don’t realize they are talking bullshit. The dope doesn’t know that he is stupid. That is why you do not quarrel with an idiot, because at first he will bring you to his level and then overcome with his experience and leave with a hangover.

It is something in the shape of prenuptial teaching shared by the priests… does not have a wife… does not have children (altar-boys don’t take into account)… at school he was beaten… studied with men only.. affirms that masturbation is sin… antenuptial sex leads to death… and the best contraception is water with vinegar… I am not surprised that the amount of divorces drastically grows.

Such people can’t see solutions. They always see problems which as a matter of fact they are generating
Care about the quality of information which you are receiving. If you want to read about World War 2, you do not reach the book about cooking.

We must always estimate advices we get and also turn special attention from whom we get them.
Life is flogging enough. Don’t let yourself make it more difficult with additional generators of problems.


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