Stanley Stanek

Types of people in IT, for portfolio.

After programmers it’s a high time for delicate, artistic and as fresh as the dawn of the freedom graphical team. If to interleave this reality to the daily presence of American kids from series about maturing in 90s, we can boldly say that they are “cool kids”. Additionally, only from the most of incontrovertible evidences on the shit-hot-ness of the graphical department is the presence of women, I will repeat one more time, loud and with capital letters the PRESENCE of WOMEN. God, I thank you for it that in your unconventional sense of humour in a such an unevident way, you connected the fair sex with this wave of trade testosterone. Each of us (of guys) was at one time on the so-called party “ball of males”, boringly, sadly, and everyone around have hairy buttocks.. and then one competent friend appears with some female friends and the world at once becomes more beautiful. Yes, my dear friends, miracles happen and undeniably it is effect of the divine interference.  (fuck yeah)

However it is an invidious profession, burdened with the great mental strain and the permanent conflagration associated with bringing projects and the dialogue with morons. When we add the need of the beauty and the self-realization, we receive the perfect provision how to destroy our life. It could be seemed that the creative work is giving freedom, satisfaction, purpose of life… yhy, if it is possible to call the purpose the act of planing mass murder because of professional frustration, so yes, it is this way, always it is some purpose (there are moments when something is happening and the satisfaction from it is effectively compensating for the odyssey and the fuck of project)

Graphic designers are interesting individuals, dependent on caffeine and the tobacco plant, driven with hate to customers, how not to love them ? Warriors of the design, standing up for the quality and aesthetics of the artistic part of our financial environment.


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