Stanley Stanek

Types of people in IT, warning shot into the back of the head (from firearms).

Let us start with the basic and most numerous group creating our wonderful subculture, people associated with happy, unhindered creation of the abstraction called the computer science (sound of launched Windows) . So, it’s about #Programmers, real celebrities, the riders of the Apocalypse, bald with brazzers and all scourges in one office. We aren’t bored.
Army of geeks, nerds and crazy scientists dominating world. In their hands are all our accounts in the bank, mail boxes, embarrassing conversations, naked photos and codes to the nuclear arsenals of superpowers.
Exactly, people from whom we laughed our ass off in a secondary school, capable to blow up this mess in a shallow poppy. (Sounds like a plan)
So much authority and power concentrated in those fingers running over the keyboard…  the heart grows.
Towards the new strength I will say that the majority of them prefers to earn gigabucks and play games instead of planning blitzkrieg. So there is hope that we will live a little more.

It won’t be possible to explicitly describe character, the style or also favours of the programmer. It is complicated and still not entirely discovered individual. However, there are certain behaviours which they share all.
I will describe it modernly, very, with hashtags:

Many myths and legends are circulating among this profession with which the rest of society is comforting themselves. Let us straighten a bit an image:
1. Problems with hygiene, it isn’t a rule… a stinker will always be in every team… independently whether it is a team of programmers, bankers or accountants.
Additionally please consider that a lot of guys grouped in one place as a rule doesn’t smell like roses.
2. Everyone has paladin of 80 level, that’s true and there is no point to discuss this subject.
3. Guys are only dealing with the code – not true. I got to know the girl – a programmer, only once for all these years.
4. Programmers doesn’t have girlfriends, totally not true! they are stable emotionally, calm guys, high earners – sought-after by women which noticed that the prince on the white steed doesn’t exist … and coders are at least able “to repair” a computer.
5. It is hard to reach an agreement with them, but the problem mostly doesn’t lie on the side of the programmer, more probably, interlocutor doesn’t have a sufficient knowledge in order to understand what’s going on.

To sum up, interesting profession, interesting people that know about you everything, so be nice and don’t stick your neck out.


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