Stanley Stanek

Why? because so.

My virgin entry.

Probably I finally “grew up” to share my world with others.

I am warning, this is a strange place… there is a bloody metal in the background, and the whole place is painted with friendly pastel colours.

7 years ago I left the cuckoo nest. With the mission to earn gold round coins and to cut off an umbilical cord I went to face my destiny.  I didn’t realize my crappy situation and how many lean years I will survive pretending that everything is O.K.

At the beginning each one of us is callow, ambitious, searching for challenges, which  will carefully groom our exaggerated ego  – and… fucking shit, wall called REALITY. Fortunately not yours or mine! Collective hallucination which affirms that you are rat and you must subordinate it, but when you resist it will expel you. And great! Let it expel. The night is always the darkest before dawn. When in the sweat of your brow you are getting through bloody intestine of an edifice at the end it is already really densely, stinking and you want to give up, then you can see the light suggesting that sphincters cannot carry longer your climb and “achoo” you are free. (fanfares

I will try to describe life after the sneeze of freedom, from the first hand such as it really is.


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